Is Russia Open For Tourism 2023

Is Russia Open For Tourism 2023?

The iconic sights of the Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral have made Moscow a city on many people's bucket list. It truly is an amazing destination and the capital of Russia.

The iconic sights of the Moscow Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral have made Moscow a city on many people's bucket list. It truly is an amazing destination and the capital of Russia.

Moscow is not just the Red Square or St. Basil's Cathedral, although those attractions are a must-see. Let's not forget the city's rich culture, which can be experienced at the famous Bolshoi Theatre or one of the numerous bookshops that dot the cityscape.

Moscow boasts plenty of green spaces for visitors to relax in, from Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure to many other parks. For history buffs, Red Square and Lenin’s tomb are absolute must-sees to learn about the city’s communist past.

To truly become acquainted with the vast and bustling metropolis of Moscow, a lifetime would scarcely suffice to take in all of its sights and experiences.

Our travel experts have done the grueling work for you, but it's always wise to investigate practical concerns like safety before venturing to unexplored locales. Regardless, we are more than happy to be your guide!

Is Moscow Safe to Visit in 2023?

Due to the ongoing war with Ukraine, Moscow is currently not safe to visit. The government has been targeting foreign citizens and the political situation is quite tenuous.

As long as the political situation remains unchanged, safety cannot be guaranteed in Moscow, despite the city's low crime rate. Avoidance of all areas in Russia, including Moscow, is often recommended by foreign governments for their citizens.

Putting the country under a Level Four travel advisory, the United States advises their citizens not to travel to any parts of Russia.

Other countries, including Australia and Canada, also caution against traveling to Moscow due to its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. This warning has been highly emphasized by these nations.

February 24, 2022 marked Russia's sudden decision to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine after years of a simmering conflict in the country's east. Although the Russian military's intentions seemed predictable at first glance with Kyiv and the rest of Ukraine being obvious targets, the war has now persisted for more than a year with no signs of any imminent cease-fire.

With sporadic bombing in regions bordering Russia and most fighting concentrated in Ukraine, the war has had a ripple effect on the situation in the capital of Russia.

Due to foreign sanctions, the capital has been experiencing a shortage of supplies and foreign banking systems and credit cards are no longer functioning. As a means of addressing the slow progress in the war, the Russian administration has resorted to a more oppressive stance.

Against their will, men were drafted into the war effort. The government reacted aggressively towards anti-war demonstrators and went as far as accusing individuals of treason for speaking out against the conflict. Even prior to the war, free speech was already on the decline within Russia, and the ongoing chaos only exacerbates this issue.

The war's intensifying repression isn't just for locals. Foreigners are foolish to believe they will be spared, even those without Russian citizenship could find themselves abruptly drafted.

The Russian government, since the war, transparently detained a number of foreign citizens in order to gain leverage with Western governments, including Evan Gershkovich, an American journalist, and Brittney Griner, a professional basketball player from America.

Is it safe to visit Russia 2023?

Despite the advice of many governments not to visit Russia, this is not entirely true. Visiting Russia is possible, and the majority of the country is considered safe for travel. You mustn't visit parts of the country that are bordered by Russia and Ukraine, such as the region near the border is completely safe. Generally, the attitude of the Russian people toward foreigners remained unchanged. They're still keen on knowing where you come from, why you're visiting their country, and what you want to see.

Can you move to Russia in 2023?

Is it safe to walk around Moscow?

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