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Best Place To Visit In Rabat.  Rabat, serving as Morocco's capital, is home to significant landmarks such as the country's foremost museum, the Royal Palace, and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, along with various historical tourist sites.

As one of Morocco's Imperial Cities, Rabat stands as a compelling destination when traveling along the Atlantic Coast. While smaller and less renowned compared to Marrakesh and Fes, Rabat offers a tranquil atmosphere, providing a refreshing break from the bustling tourist crowds found in other cities.

The Bou Regreg River flows along the city's western edge, acting as a natural border with its sister city, Salé, which is worth exploring during your visit. Notable attractions in Rabat include the Chellah excavation site and the Oudaias Kasbah.

Discover the city's top attractions and things to do in Rabat by exploring our curated list.

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a charming city with many beautiful places to explore. Whether you’relooking for historical sites or modern attractions, Rabat has something to offer everyone. Best Place To Visit In Rabat
Best place to visit in Rabat

Why Visit Rabat Morocco?

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is a charming city with many beautiful places to explore. Whether you’relooking for historical sites or modern attractions, Rabat has something to offer everyone.
Best Place To Visit In Rabat

1. Hassan Tower

One of Rabat's most recognizable structures and a significant symbol for both residents and visitors, this 12th-century minaret is one of the city's most famous monuments. Its top platform, accessible by a spiral stairway inside the tower itself, is almost 44 meters tall and provides breathtaking views.

2. Kasbah des Oudaias 

Kasbah des Oudaias 

The Almohad dynasty, which ruled between 1147 and 1269 AD, constructed this old fortification, which is situated on a hill overlooking the Bou Regreg River close to the center of Rabat. The fortress has two major entrances that open onto gardens full of vivid bougainvillea flowers and whitewashed walls with blue paint that surround it. Traditional Moroccan architecture is present inside, featuring domed roofs, arched windows, tiled courtyards, fountains, and more. 

3. Chellah Necropolis

Chellah Necropolis
Chellah Necropolis, which was once used by Romans as an imperial necropolis and then served as the residence for various Muslim dynasties until it fell into disrepair around 1755 AD, when Sultan Moulay Ismail ordered construction on nearby Salé City in its place, is a place that is just outside the city limits. Now, it is a ruined archeological site with several antique monuments, including prayer niche-shaped towers called "mimbar" that were capped by stone block graves! 

4. Andalusian Garden

Andalusian Garden
Constructed in 1912 on the instructions of King Mohammed V, this park has lush foliage, waterfalls, ponds, streams, statues, and reflecting pools all encircled by high brick walls, making it the ideal spot to unwind after a day spent touring the area's other tourist sites.  

5. Medina Souika Market

Medina Souika Market
The variety of spices, textiles, jewelry, carpets, souvenirs, antiques, apparel items, and local specialties at this lively market inside the historic walled neighborhood of Souka will make your shopping experience unique.

What is special about Rabat?

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, and it is a special place for several reasons:

  1. Rich history and culture: Rabat is a city with a long and fascinating history, and it has been inhabited since the Roman times. The city has been shaped by a diverse array of cultures, including Berbers, Arabs, and Europeans, and it has a rich cultural heritage that can be seen in its historic sites, museums, and festivals.

  2. Political and administrative center: As the capital city of Morocco, Rabat is an important political and administrative center. The city is home to the Moroccan parliament, the Royal Palace, and many government offices and agencies.

  3. UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Rabat is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the Kasbah of the Udayas and the ancient Roman ruins of Chellah. These sites are both must-see attractions for visitors to the city.

  4. Beautiful architecture: Rabat is known for its stunning architecture, which blends traditional Moroccan styles with European influences. The city's historic center, known as the Medina of Rabat, is a maze of narrow streets and alleys lined with beautiful buildings and colorful markets.

  5. Coastal location: Rabat is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, and it is known for its beautiful beaches and scenic coastline. The city's beachfront promenade, known as the Corniche, is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

What to see in rabat in one day

Rabat is a charming city with many interesting sights to see in a day:

• Hassan Tower - This massive 12th century minaret is Rabat's most iconic landmark. You can climb its 224 steps to the top for panoramic views of the city.

• Chellah Medersa - A well-preserved example of Almohad architecture with stone arches and columns. It's a very tranquil place.

• Oudaya Kasbah - A historic kasbah housing a museum with archaeological exhibits, coins, costumes and pottery. It also offers great views of the city.

• AnfaPlace - A prestigious modern district with upscale shops, restaurants, hotels and cinema. Walking around here provides glimpses into modern Rabat.

• Mosque of Hassan - An impressive mosque with 66 columns and towering minarets. Non-Muslims can see the exterior and courtyards.

• Arch of Triumph - A grand arch built in the 1930s to commemorate Morocco's independence from France.

• Rabat Museum - Learn about Rabat's history, culture and architecture at this museum located in a former palace. It houses archaeological, ethnographic and art collections.

• Souk des Légumiers - A bustling local market selling fruit, vegetables, flowers, spices and bread. Soak in the ambiance and buy some snacks.

• Mechouar Palace - The official royal residence with architecture blending Islamic and European styles. The lounge and courtyard are open to visitors on some days.

You can see many of these sights for free, so with an early start and brisk walking, you can cover quite a lot in a day and experience Rabat's charm. Have a great trip!

Best restaurants in rabat

Rabat has a diverse culinary scene, with many great restaurants serving traditional Moroccan cuisine as well as international fare. Here are some of the best restaurants in Rabat:

Dar Naji:

Dar Naji is a traditional Moroccan restaurant located in the heart of the Medina. The restaurant serves a variety of Moroccan dishes, including tagines, couscous, and pastilla, in a beautiful setting.

Le Dhow:

Le Dhow is a unique restaurant located on a boat moored on the Bou Regreg River. The restaurant serves French and Moroccan cuisine, and diners can enjoy stunning views of the river and the Kasbah of the Udayas.

La Table du Marché:

La Table du Marché is a modern French restaurant located in the Agdal neighborhood of Rabat. The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients to create innovative dishes, and it has a great wine list.

Restaurant Loubnane:

Restaurant Loubnane is a Lebanese restaurant located in the Hassan neighborhood of Rabat. The restaurant serves a variety of mezze, grilled meats, and seafood dishes, and it has a lively atmosphere.

Dar Fez:

Dar Fez is a traditional Moroccan restaurant located in a beautiful riad in the Medina. The restaurant serves a variety of Moroccan dishes, including couscous and tagines, and it has a lovely courtyard for outdoor dining.

Things to do in rabat at night

Rabat is a city that comes alive at night, with many great activities and attractions to enjoy after the sun goes down. Here are some things to do in Rabat at night:

  1. Visit the Kasbah of the Udayas: The Kasbah of the Udayas is a historic fortress that looks particularly beautiful at night when it is lit up. You can explore the narrow streets and alleys of the kasbah, enjoy some mint tea at a café, and take in the views of the Bou Regreg River and the

  2. Atlantic Ocean.

  3. Watch a movie at Cinema Renaissance: Cinema Renaissance is an independent movie theater that shows a variety of international and Moroccan films. The theater has a great atmosphere and is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

  4. Enjoy live music at Jazz at the Chellah: Jazz at the Chellah is an annual music festival that takes place in the ancient Roman ruins of Chellah. The festival attracts international jazz musicians and offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

  5. Take a stroll along the Corniche: The Corniche is a scenic promenade that runs along the Atlantic coast of Rabat. At night, the promenade is lit up, and you can enjoy a peaceful stroll along the waterfront, taking in the sea breeze and the sound of the waves.

  6. Have a drink at a rooftop bar: Many of Rabat's hotels and restaurants have rooftop bars that offer great views of the city at night. You can enjoy a drink, some snacks, and the company of friends while taking in the sights of the city.

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